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Let's Be Clear About Who Does What: The Creator and the Demiurge in Barth's Doctrine of Creation

Barth's opponents always get profoundly pissed at him for insisting that the history of the creature in its ordered worlds is not the decisive history of its salvation. And part of that is that Barth—in his own very unzeitgemäß, un-Modern fashion—has decided that empirical history, measurable and objectively quantifiable observed history, Historie as opposed to the histories told in "mere" narrative Geschichte, is really just another kind of storytelling that doesn't earn the privilege we Moderns have tried to give ourselves using it. And he's right, of course, but predating postmodernism by a fair distance, this was bound to piss people off! And it explains most of—for example—Van Til's objections as stubborn refusals to accept anything but the Modern ideal of history as functional in his neo-Reformed apologetics. (Not to mention all the complaints from Lutherans equally obsessed with the idea that the progress toward Modern history and the course of salvati…

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